About Jamhuriya University of Science & Technology- JUST

President's Message

Welcome to the Home of Quality Education.

Hello and welcome to the official website of JUST-- Jamhuriya University of Science & Technology. Whether you are a prospective student, current student, professor, researcher, staff member, graduate, parent, neighbor, or visitor, I invite you to explore JUST university, the home of quality education.

Although existing higher education institutions in the country did their best to offer what they could in the way they were able, we still see gaps to be bridged, and filling these gaps is one major goal for the establishment of Jamhuriya University of Science and Technology (JUST).

Jamhuriya University of Science and Technology (JUST) was established in Mogadishu, Somalia by a group of Somali scholars and Intellectuals to fill the existing gap in the higher education system in the country by providing quality education and practicing ethical professionalism.

To fill such gap, JUST emphasizes the importance of a solid base of general skills and knowledge through a carefully designed Core Curriculum, which was conceived with an eye to the needs and requirements of Somali society and its labor market. We always strive to fulfill our mission as the country's home of quality education through creativity and innovation in the design and delivery of higher education. Currently the University offers four faculties: Medicine & Health Sciences, Engineering, Economics & Management and Computer & Information Technology

I am very grateful to begin this journey with you, and wish you every success along the way.
My very best to you all.

Engineer Mohamud Ahmed Jimale, President