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Welcome to the Engineering Faculty

Electrical and Electronic Engineering is among the most exciting and challenging areas of engineering, and is the key disciplines driving a highly technological society. Electrical and Electronic engineers have no doubt been the instruments for the evolution of technology by being able to effectively apply and integrate fundamental concepts and knowledge from various related disciplines. They lead in creating new ideas and innovations, and designing and developing new products.

Our B.Sc. program in Electrical and Electronic Engineering concentrates on communication skills in a variety of communication techniques, networking, wireless communication, and digital communication. Graduates from the Electrical and Electronic Engineering program can look forward to bright and challenging careers in research, design and development, manufacturing, and other exciting fields.

The faculty basically consists of the following areas of specializations but not limited to:

contactus Electrical Engineering                        contactus Civil Engineering

Among the many careers opportunities are:

contactus Design Engineer                            contactus Project Engineer             contactus Quality Control Engineer

contactus Software Engineer                          contactus Development Engineer     contactus Research Engineer

contactus Systems Design Engineer               contactus Test Engineer

Program Duration: Four years