University-wide Academic Information

Grading System

A student’s performance in any course is reflected by the grades received. The course grades should be classified as:

Course Grading System Table
Marks Grades Points (GPA)
90 – 100 A+ 4.00
80 – 89 A 3.67
75 – 79 A- 3.33
70 – 74 B+ 3.00
65 – 69 B 2.67
60 - 64 B- 2.33
55 - 59 C+ 2.00
50 - 54 C 1.67
Less than 50 F Fail

The passing grade for any course is set by the faculty upon the University’s approval. Generally, F is the minimum passing grade.


(1) Students must fulfill the 75% attendance for any course in ONE semester.

(2) Students who do not fulfill item 1 will not be allowed to sit for any subsequent assessment. Failing grade is given to that course.  Detailed rules and regulations pertaining to attendance are in student's handbook.

Academic Misconduct

(1) Students who have committed a misconduct or academic wrongdoing can be charged with Academic misconduct according to university regulations.

(2) Students are not allowed to commit any of the following academic misconduct:

    (i) To plagiarize phrases, ideas or information without the original writer’s permission.

    (ii) To give, receive or hold any information related to a Subject just before or while the examination of that Subject is conducted.

   (iii) To take, change, disclose, destroy or vandalize any property in connection with the preparation or completion of research or examination.

   (iv) To cheat in any academic related matter other than those mentioned above