JUST Vision, Mission, Objectives & Core Values

The VISION of the university is to become a university of international reputation and a distinguished institution of higher learning in research and innovation.

The MISSION of the university is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and learning through research and education, to produce graduates who meet the expectations of the nation and to develop innovative and responsible leaders who are capable of dealing with changes in the global environment .

The OBJECTIVES of the university are:

(1) To produce Graduates who are able to:

      o Show knowledge and practical skills in their areas of study

      o Demonstrate creative thinking, and the ability of real-world problem solving.

      o Demonstrate positive leadership, professional behaviors and social responsibilities.

(2) Cooperate with other National and international universities to share resources, enhance productivity and advance knowledge.

(3) Establish centers for seminars and special training programs

(4) Become a destination for researchers and talented scholars who are eager to materialize their creative ideas. 

The CORE VALUES of the university are:

 • Integrity    • Professionalism    • Respect

• Academic  • Teamwork             • Open-mindedness

• Creativity   • Trustworthiness and accountability    • Social Responsibility